Fresh ingredients on toasted, artisan breads from Fornax Bakery.

Always made to order.

sliced bacon, housemade fig jam, goat cheese & organic honey on baguette.
ricotta, strawberries, blueberries, organic honey & chia seeds on sourdough.
avocado spread, sliced bacon, mixed greens, grape tomatoes & garlicy mayo on seeded wheat.
ricotta, organic honey & cinnamon sugar
on sourdough.
Once Again organic peanut butter, housemade applesauce & cinammon sugar on baguette.
Irish butter & housemade jam
on baguette.
Barney Almond Butter, housemade jam, organic honey, banana slices & chia seeds on brioche.
french toast english muffin with real maple syrup, cinammon sugar & strawberries, blueberries & banana slices. Add bacon - $1.50
Barney Almond Butter, banana slices & raisins on seeded wheat.
organic hummus, cucumbers, avocado spread, feta, EVOO, baby greens & pepper flakes on seeded wheat.
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Made to order, with artisan breads from Fornax Bakery.

Gluten-free bread available. Served with chips, except*

**Can be served over mixed greens instead of bread

Add bacon : $1.50.

tuna fish “tacos”, lemon vinagrette, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, balsamic drizzle on Naan bread.
housemade egg salad, lemon vinagrette, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon on seeded wheat.
Piggery Farms smoked ham, green apple slaw, apple butter, cheddar on toasted milk roll.
housemade chicken salad, Craisins, dried apricots, lemon vinagrette, mixed greens, herbed mayo, pecan sprinkle on seeded wheat.
Piggery Farms smoked turkey, havarti, avocado spread, jalapeño mayo, lemon vinagrette, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes on toasted milk roll.
NEW RECIPE: quinoa, tomatoes, beets, peppers, cucumbers,feta, baby greens, candied pecans on Naan bread.
housemade frittata with lemon vinagrette, mixed greens, on toasted milk roll. Ask about our daily selection.
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Other Specialties
Housemade specialties and delicious pastries.

overnight oats, layered w/ housemade chia pudding, fresh berries, & tree nuts. Served chilled! Made fresh daily. While it lasts.
Acái sorbet served w/ fresh fruits and other delicious ingredients. Check our menu board for current combinations!
Delicious Belgian Liége waffles, made to order and sprinkled with powdered sugar or other toppings - check our in-store waffle menu. From 8AM until they're gone.
a delicious variety of muffins, cookies, cakes, biscotti, and more, delivered daily from The Danish Pastry House.
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Coffee, Tea, Drinks
Mocha Joe's direct trade and fair trade organic

Rishi loose leaf organic teas & Boylan's natural sodas.

Hot : 12oz / 16oz / 20oz • Iced : 16oz / 24oz /32oz • Espresso Shots : $.90

Soy/Coconut/Almond Milk : +$.45 / +$.60

Flavor Shots : $.30 / $.40 / $.50

organic, fair trade light roast from Costa Rica, or
organic, direct trade French roast from Cameroon.
our French roast, poured over ice.
a shot (or two, or three...) of our organic, direct trade espresso.
espresso with steamed milk & a layer of foam. (8oz cup)
espresso with just a dollop of foam.
our espresso roast! steeped cold for 14 hours.
espresso & hot water, for slightly less kick.
espresso, steamed milk & a layer of foam.
espresso, steamed milk, Ghirardelli chocoate & a layer of foam.
half coffee, half steamed milk. Light, dark, or decaf.
our house-blended Chai, steamed milk & a layer of foam.
a variety of Rishi, organic, loose-leaf, black, green, white, and herbal teas. See our menu board for current offering.
steeped to perfection and ready for ice.
green milk, black milk, hibiscus, with chioce of flavor added.
fresh, made in-house, daily.
from fresh squeezed lemons, made in-house daily.
Ghirardelli chocoate, made with steamed milk.
Ghirardelli chocoate, sized right & cooled just enough.
a variety of bottled drinks including, Boylan's Natural Sodas, Nantucket Nectars & San Pellegrino Sparkling Water.
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Check our in-store menu boards for all of our latest seasonal specialty drinks.


Get enough to share!

We also have coffee by the box, or in 5 gallon dispensers: Perfect for events!

Call us or ask for details next time you come in.

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